Wiseacre Gardens


A photographic collection and brief reference to help identify
Wildflowers - Mushrooms - Lichens & Moss ...found in New York

- Cichorium intybus

Daisy Family

Naturalized alien
used for food, notable as a coffee substitute and as a medicinal plant.

Basel leaves are similar to Dandelion leaves. Flowers are stalkless and held close to the the wiry stems.

Flowers are normally blue, occasionally white or pink.
The flowers close around noon/midday as the sun gets intense and open back up in the morning. The plant appears more stem than anything else once the flowers close for the day.

Found: Roadsides, waste places, fields,
Height: up to 4 feet
June - Oct bloom time

Parking lot wildflower chicory

For a change I was an earlier riser than Chicory. Still closed at 8 AM


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