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 Cow Parsnip

Cow Parsnip

A photographic collection and brief reference to help identify
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Cow Parsnip
- Heracleum maximum

Carrot Family

First year growth - basal rosettes of big hairy leaves
Second year growth - large flower umbrels up to a foot across on stalks that can reach 6 feet or more.
note: inflated sheath at base of the leaf stalk

Care should be taken around the plant not to break stems or damage leaves. People with sensitive skin can develop rashes if exposed to the plant's sap and then exposed to bright sunlight (ultraviolet light)

Found: Fields, roadsides, open woods - moist soil
Height: 4 - 10 feet
June - Aug bloom time

Cow Parsnip

Standing tall in the open woods surrounded by Dame's Rocket in bloom

Cow Parsnip Cow Parsnip Cow Parsnip
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