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 Ditch Daylily


A photographic collection and brief reference to help identify
Wildflowers - Mushrooms - Lichens & Moss ...found in New York

Ditch Daylily
- Hemerocallis fulva

Lily Family
Naturalized alien - garden escapee

AKA: orange day-lily, tawny daylily, tiger daylily, fulvous daylily
also railroad daylily, roadside daylily, outhouse lily, and wash-house lily

The original Orange Daylily
Rarely seen for sale anymore since the nursery trade has gone hybrid happy. Not to say this daylily is rare though, huge banks can be seen along the roadsides, especially near where I live. It's a very aggressive spreader, a single plant only takes a few seasons to form a large group. (the garden pic is an example - it started off as two plants transplanted 4 years ago)

Found: Fields, roadsides, garden flower
Height: up to 6 feet
June - Aug bloom time

orange daylily ditch lily orange daylily
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